My Casual and Elegant DIY Wedding

Welcome to the R & R Wedding-the most beautiful, casual and elegant wedding I could have asked for!  This was a DIY wedding-which meant so much more to me then having it done for me.  We were so lucky to have had the both the Ceremony and Reception on a Private Farm where I grew up.

Our Ceremony began at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. As guests arrived, we had our bar open so that they could grab a drink for their walk up the hill to the ceremony (hint: alcohol makes guests happy and makes the ceremony less painful for them).  We did a self uniting marriage license, meaning we didn’t need anyone to marry us, just ourselves and 2 witnesses to sign the license.  Neither of us are very religious so we felt this was appropriate for us.  We wrote our own vow’s, had Russell’s Uncle Rick officiate the ceremony and explain what we were doing (and yes, it’s legal in PA), my 2nd Cousin Suzy spoke as well.  And with a simple kiss, we concluded the ceremony.  Our guests sat on hay bails instead of chairs and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the fields and pond (photos to follow in upcoming posts).  After the ceremony, we had everyone gather at the bottom of the hill and we had our Photographer Matthew Szoke take a picture of the entire group (all 117 of us).

We then continued on to the cocktail hour.  Here, we had Pitruco Pizza Truck as our food-from Philadelphia, PA- and they kept serving personal pizzas and everyone could grab a slice whenever.  We also had our guitar player, Vance, playing during that hour.  Our friend Andy even joined him and sang us a Pete Yorn song 🙂

Moving onto the Reception-we had five 24 foot tables set up.  I rented white chairs and white table clothes, through on some burlap table runners I made and covered the tables in white non-scented votive candles and white flowers accented with greenery everywhere.  I wanted to create a simple rustic elegance.  I love dressing up, but hate being in stuffy settings.  I wanted to create an environment where everyone felt at home and it just sparkled all around us from all of the candles and felt so warm and loving.  That’s certainly the feel that we got-as everyone told us.  I think that’s a new theme for a wedding: Casual Elegance.

For some personal touches, I added a table full of wedding photos for our parents wedding days and our grandparents.  To look back at all of the different outfits and dresses, who looked like who and the beautiful black and white and photos-they are all just treasures.  We had our candy buffet set up on the same table as the party favor.

Now-this is just an overview of the wedding.  I have way more to tell, teach and show.   In some future posts-I am going to go into more detail about how I made certain things and where I found good deals.  It’s totally possible to make a DIY wedding easy and simple.  Don’t get frustrated.  If you have the vision-go for it-it is possible.  It’s your one day to enjoy-don’t over do it-but enjoy it.

Stay tuned….let me know if you have any questions-I’m happy to help!




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