My DIY Wedding Details

To continue the casual elegance of the wedding…I kept it a very classic black and white theme.  White flowers.  Ivory Wedding Dress.  Black Bridesmaids Dresses.  Brown Boots.  Charming I would say.  It all came together with all of the little details.  Here is a taste of it all coming together.

I have to say I was not the traditional bride, at all.  I did not wear something new, old, borrowed or blue….My mom stitched blue thread into my wedding dress with the date and our initials.  My dress was new….I did not have anything borrowed or old and you know what, I was OK with that.  I am not a superstitious person, unlike a few brides I have dealt with over the years.  I don’t get the point of worrying about stuff like that.  My concern was just how happy I was going to be marrying the man of my dreams.  And that’s all that should matter girls!

I wanted my bridesmaids to be happy too….I love Black-it’s so classic and chic and a perfect color for anyone to wear again and again.  And with the wedding being on the farm, I said, “Wear your brown riding boots and bring flip flops for later, I’ll be wearing boots too!”  Happy feet = Happy Bridesmaids

Flowers=you spend TOO much money…sorry, I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t spend that grand on flowers for one day of happiness.  So thank you Wegmans in Malvern, PA for allowing me to order boxes of flowers and we (my mom, few bridesmaids, and my boss) arranged all of the 20 flower arrangements and made 6 bouquets in 2 hours and I only spent $216.  It’s worth it, trust me.  To finish off the bouquets, just got your local Michael’s and pick up wired twine and wrap up those stems and tuck the ends in…done!

Make it simple ladies and keep it casual and elegant.


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