Pass the Wine! Our Napa Valley Honeymoon

Honeymoon-Part 1

After our amazing and beautiful DIY wedding at the end of September, we flew away from the east coast over to the lovely west coast.  My first time going past the state of Oklahoma, my husbands second time to the west coast.  We decided that we had wanted to take a trip to a place we could keep busy and explore..more importantly, drink some wine.  We decided on Napa Valley and San Francisco.  We flew into San Fran, got into our convertible mustang rental car and drove up the coast to Napa Valley.

Napa is known for it’s lovely weather and delicious wine.  For some odd reason, the 3 days that we were in Napa, it was 100 degrees and not the typical mid 70 degrees its supposed to be.  Oh well, we enjoyed it with our top down in the “stang.”

We checked into our hotel, Hotel Avia, drove to the closest Winery and did our first tasting at Domaine Carneros.  They make Premium Sparkling Wine, but really its Champagne (which is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world) but they aren’t allowed to call it champagne because you can only make that in France…weird concept to me.  Such a beautiful view from this place, as you can see in the pics above.  I would recommend to just go do some tastings on their amazingly large porch area and enjoy the views if you really aren’t truly passionate about champagne.  But if you are passionate about it, the tasting inside was educational and worthwhile.

After the champagne, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap before dinner and we didn’t wake up for 13 hours…must have been tired from the wedding and champagne…hmm.  So the next day, we had a reservation for a tour at Truchard Winery.  By far, our favorite winery in Napa.  It’s a small place that is quickly growing.  The store their wines in caves that they built underneath of the vines.  Delicious wine and wonderful people!  Nothing like eating a grape fresh off the wine.

Later that day we went to a couple other places, Gundlach Bundshu and some random dutch mans trailer, and the last stop was Del Dotto Vineyard.  A $50 tasting, per person.  Completely worth it for the amount of pours that they give you and the meats and cheeses you get at the end.  Probably just to sober you up so you can drive home…ha.

I have to say that driving around in California (especially through Napa and Sonoma Valley) in a convertible is just so freeing and fabulous.  It certainly turned the relaxation mode on!

Finally, Wednesday, we departed Napa, drove through Sonoma and headed back down the coast and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge Park..

….to be continued 🙂


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