2013 New Year’s Resolution-I made one! Did you?

So I am usually not the type of gal to make a new year’s resolution-but going into this new year, I actually feel like I have gotten to a point in my life where I need set certain goals for myself and achieve them.  For me this year-it’s all about fitness and health.  Don’t get me wrong, 2012 was an amazing year..I married Russell, my best friend, a dream come true.  But I need to achieve something for myself, something personal.  I need to be fit.  

Now, I’m not fat and I have never been fat or overweight (except that one year after college where I gained 20 lbs).  I am 5’7” and about 135-138 lbs?  I will weigh in and take measurements later.  I am a lucky girl, where I think for the most part I got my dads fast metabolism.  It’s just that things are starting to shift into areas I DON’T want them! ha At 28 years old, I for once in my life am going to be FIT and Healthy.  I have a plan to get a smaller and toned Butt, toned arms, an attempt at a six pack. I want to be SEXY.  I want to be in the best shape of my life before Russell and I decide to have babies.  I want my body to bounce back quicker after having those kids…I don’t want to make my life harder as it goes on, I want to make it easier.  If you take care of yourself, maybe other people be inspired by you and want to take it on for themselves.  

I am going to create a plan for myself and I will post it.  I will keep posting my achievements and goals as I hit or miss them.  I won’t be perfect but I will certainly try!  My plan will include weight lifting, yoga, running, elliptical and maybe getting a personal training just so I can continue to be motivated and learn some new ways.  It’s time to push everything else aside and take a year for me.  This is one thing I am ok with being selfish about.  If I don’t take care of me-noone else will. 

Now-I know you aren’t supposed to set a start date, but I am-January 5th will be my first official start date.  Being placed outside of my home makes it hard as we are eating out a lot and I am going to set up my own workout area at home.  I’m not going to eat terribly over the next week-but for me, I just need to be back in my home and in my surroundings.  3 weeks out of your home is hard and has certainly not brought me good eating or any exercise.  Climbing the stairs to the third floor shouldn’t make me be out of breath.  I have hit the wall of plain embarrassment of myself.  

I WANT a change for myself.

It’s time for a life change friends, anyone else in?


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