Ever feel like your accessories are taking over your life?  I did.  Here is my take on jewelry organization 101: take everything out of the jewelry box, all the bags, hidden drawers, you know where you stash it.  Somehow, my jewelry ends up everywhere.  Not my good stuff, but that cocktail ring I didn’t feel like wearing all day at work because my hands got so cold it was way too big on me, so it got thrown in my purse, or that bracelet and earrings you took off and threw in your suitcase and forgot to empty that little side pocket when you unpacked at home…you know what I mean.

So empty everything out, organize it by necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and watches.  My goal some day is to have a 3’ long jewelry display case that I can put on top of my dresser so I can lay all my fun pieces out and almost display them as art…but for now, all I have are hangers.  You know those velvet hangers that help keep your blouses on the hanger in your closet, wellI I took 2 out of my closet and started hanging my long chained  necklaces, my statement necklaces and those necklaces that love to get tangled no matter how you put them away.  Start in the middle of the hanger and work your way out both ways so that the hanger doesn’t tip while you are organizing.  The wonderful thing about the velvet hangers too is that they jewelry won’t slide around on them.

Once you are complete with those, hang them up in your closet.  It’s actually quiet wonderful to now have my necklaces in my closet….closer to to my clothes…making putting an outfit together even easier!  

Next-finish sorting your rings, fashion pieces and the good stuff…I seperated them by sides in the box.  I then organized the tiny unassorted earrings into the little spaces in the box and laid out the large earrings, then hoops. Small chain necklaces were laid into together in one drawer and the big chunky bracelets in the deep drawer in the bottom.  All of my watches were laid in the top of the box-they are an everyday item that I always put on-so I made them the easiest to get to.  Now if you don’t already have a jewelry box, I would suggest getting one-they are cheap-see here.  It’s worth it and for me, makes my mornings before work easier and more efficient.  


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