The Announcement!

Now lets flash back about 15 weeks ago, around mid March….I would now be 14 weeks along in the pregnancy.  Russell and I were headed out to The Farm (where I grew up and my parents still live there), to celebrate my Dad’s upcoming birthday.  But first, our plan was to have a little mini photo-shoot.  My husband has an amazing eye for photos, he is not a professional, but with continued practice I feel that he could be.

So before heading into the house, we walked up the long driveway a bit and Russell took a few photos of me with our little 14 week old bump (which I thought was huge then).  Looking down at my belly now as the bump sits there at 29 weeks strong, I wonder what I was thinking.  But with this baby being our first, everything throughout these weeks are amazing to me.

Here is the final photo that we selected as our official “social media” announcement.  Told ya he’s an amazing photographer!

14 Weeks along

14 Weeks along


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