Gender Reveal and a New Home!!!

Wednesday, April 16th:  We settled on our new home!  We had started looking for our first home a couple months after finding out we were pregnant.  We found the perfect 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse in the town we wanted to live in.  

More photos to come of the inside.  The place is more of a blank canvas, so we are going to be working on many DIY’s and I plan to share them all with you, nursery included!

photo 1-4

 Here we are in front of our new place!

photo 2-4

We started priming some walls very shortly after settling.  The color choices some people make are very interesting!

 Monday, April 21st: This was the day that could not come soon enough for us.  It was the day when were going to find out the gender of our baby!  We were definitely not that couple that had the patience to wait until the day our baby was born to find out the gender.  For me, I am such a planner.  At least for our first baby, I really wanted to create that perfect nursery, plan the outfits, pick out the perfect name, etc.  We’ll see for the 2nd one, maybe we’ll leave it a surprise?  Hmmm, maybe not.

So that morning, on Monday, April 21st, we got up, feeling both nervous and excited.  I kept sipping my water so I would have a full bladder for the ultrasound.  We finally started our appointment at 10:45am.  It’s amazing the number of shots and measurements that the nurse and doctor has to record during this 20 week ultrasound. 

I fell in love with our baby instantly when we were viewing all of these shots, some in the regular ultrasound view, others in 4D.  Russ kept his lookout for the “3 lines” that his guy friends had been telling him about (who all have baby girls).  Finally after 35 minutes, the Doctor came in to the room to do the official gender reveal.  Turns out, we are having a baby GIRL!!  Here she is…I call these 4D shots, creepy but yet SO cute.  



Russell took a beautiful shot of baby girl and I on that same evening.  I just love this picture.

photo 5-3

And we celebrated with fro yo that night, brought it home, laid in bed and ate it, haha!  This is just one of the many silly pics you have to take while watching your belly grow.

photo 3-4

















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