A Third

It’s so hard to believe that a third of her first year of life has already happened. When we struggled to get through the first few days, even weeks of her life, that one month mark seemed forever away…but we made it. And as each second, hour, day and week pass us by and as she turns into this amazing little girl with quite the sassy little attitude, we try to soak in every second of it.

The smiles, the cries, the first laugh at daddy making farting noises, her crazy hair that we discovered after 3 months…we always say to each other, what did we do with ourselves before Ella?

I lay here in my bed, writing this on my iphone, overly exhausted, because Ella is going through the 4 month sleep regression; and I’m staring at the video monitor to make sure she is still napping. Each time I get up in the middle of the night to put her back to sleep every two hours, I enjoy rocking her back to sleep and listening to her cooing sounds and her little breaths because I know this exact moment will never happen again.
She’s moving…nap time is over for my sweet Ella!






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