Sunday Sessions

I am going to start this new piece on my blog called Sunday Sessions.  Welcome to my first one!  We are less than 3 weeks till it’s “officially” Spring!! YAY

This is my new piece where I will dish a little bit about myself: maybe something that inspires me, something that makes my life a little bit easier, something that I am currently drooling over (probably a pair of heels), or just another photo of my baby girl, that I am obsessed with.  Sorry I won’t kill you with that.  I do enough of that on Instagram!!

Right now, I am currently in love with inspiring quotes.  I find myself  scouring all over Pinterest lately, searching for the best Boards and Pins!  Here are a few gems I just found! Follow @Beauxoxo 🙂  Here is their Wise Words Board I’m loving.

What’s your favorite piece of advice that keeps you inspired and moving and motivated?  I’m finding that as I am experiencing being a new mother, trying to be a better wife, making time for myself, and working hard for that next big break at work, I need to keep the positive thoughts flowing through my mind.  How about you?

Check out my Inspiration Board too!

Things to give up

"In my moments of doubt. I've told myself firmly: If not me, who? If not now, when?" - Emma Watson


{rule of three}


(all quotes were found on Pinterest-non of them are my work)



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