About Me!

Welcome to my blog…where I once in awhile catch you all up on what’s going on in my life.   Casual Elegance describes me and my life.  I love to live a very simple life.  Clean, yet rustic.  Casual, but with with a pop of elegance.  I like to take something simple, and add a pop of color or a pop of rhinestones to it.

I’m Reba and I am a happily married lady and a brand new mommy.  We had our first baby in September 2014.  A beautiful baby girl, Ella Duffy.  She was born on her due date, September 10th.  She brings absolute joy to our lives everyday.


So when she gives me time,  I  like to write about life these days….what I like, what inspires me, what catches my eye and things that are just pretty.  So join me in my adventure of life.  It’s not always exciting, but it is always pretty.

I stay very busy with my Hubby, baby girl, my new home and my Social Media job at QVC- and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s amazing to think, “how did I get to actually meet and marry the love of my life and have such an amazing baby?”  I’m blessed 🙂  Oh yeah…we have a cat too..her name is Mystic and she is my other sidekick.

Cheers!Reba Red Lips


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