Mini Vacation to Westport, CT

Mini Westport Vacation

{Dinner with Uncle Rick, the views, cocktails, studious photos with your husband, Hemingway swimming in the sound, private beaches and adirondack chairs}



New Years Eve was a success.  Quiet evening out to dinner with our friends to a local steakhouse and then back to our house to finish the evening in our glam jams sipping flirt inis, red wine and champagne.  Russell whipped up some yummy guacamole to munch on too.  I have a serious mexican food obsession.  

Our outfits:

I wore a black H&M Tunic Sweater with my black J.Crew scuba pants and my new Old Navy Leopard Stacked heel booties.  I love the way Russell puts together his outfits.  He always looks so classy and makes it so easy.  He wore a J.Crew button up with a navy blue blazer and Kenneth Cole watch and dark jeans.

New Year Resolutions:

Less TV, read more….Save money….and Get Fit!

Cheers to the new year!