Vintage Initial “C” for Me

My newest vintage jewelry find came from Clover Market. A fabulous outdoor market in Ardmore, PA that is held once a month during the Spring and Fall. I describe it as the place where Etsy comes to life! I’m always on the hunt for my next piece of jewelry, there.

This time, I came home with a vintage “C” initial for new last name, Clark. This initial will join my “r&r” pendant given to me from my MOH when Russ and I got engaged and my gold coin from our Nashville, TN trip this past Fall.

What is your favorite vintage piece and where did you find it?


sweet summer dresses

I have a thing with white.  An obsession really.  White t-shirts (I think I own about 15), white linens, white pants, white cars, and especially little white dresses.  Summer is the only time out of the year that we get 3 months to be carefree and live as we please.  

Whether your budget is tight or you can shop at any store you please, there is that perfect sweet little white dress out for you this summer.  Slip one on, throw a little black lace bra on underneath, take a deep breath and live summer!  

Join my obsession 


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