3rd Trimester Progressive Photos

To catch up on all of the complete looks and progression of my pregnancy, here are the last weeks from my third trimester with Ella.

Fourth of July outfit @30weeks

Fourth of July outfit @30weeks

Our 7 year Anniversary @ #32weeks

Our 7 year Anniversary @ #32weeks

all white beach

Beach weekend with our friends @ #33weeks

little white tee

Little white tee for my big ol belly @ #34week

new hair

Cut about 4″ off of my hair to give it a good fresh feel before Ella popped into the world

J'ADORE @ #36weeks

J’ADORE @ #36weeks

Loving my new leopard kicks @ #38weeks

Loving my new leopard kicks @ #38weeks

Last pool weekend @ #39weeks

Last pool weekend @ #39weeks

Made it to #40weeks exactly, walking into the hospital on her due date after my water broke

Made it to #40weeks exactly, walking into the hospital on her due date after my water broke


2nd Trimester Progressive Photos

My 2nd Trimester ended a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. They really say that you feel the greatest in the 2nd Trimester and I find that statement completely true.
Those weeks were perfectly timed with what we had going on in our lives. We bought a house and settled on April 16th.  Just 5 days before we were about to find out whether we were going to have a baby boy or baby girl. Soon after that we were busy packing up our lives and moving boxes and furniture. We finally permanently moved into our new home in mid June. We took our time moving in because we were still house sitting and pet sitting until the family came home for the summer.

We were watching this guy, Hemi (Hemingway)!

To finally get myself, and all of you, caught up with my pregnancy, I wanted to share with you my 2nd Trimester Progressive Photos.

A couple of my favorites are from Week 24 (below), when we were down in the Outer Banks for vacation and it happened to be my 30th birthday.

photo 1-3

This last one is from Week 28- I love to brag that my hubby is a great photographer ūüôā

DSC_0865 Stayed tuned to find out the reveal of the gender!



1st Trimester Progressive Photos

I started my “Bun in the Oven” Pinterest Board probably at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant (and it was on private setting). ¬†I was that girl that when she found out that she was pregnant, was determined to do those weekly progressive photos. ¬†Like all of those ones I had so admired on Pinterest. ¬† Wearing the same outfit, using the same background, making a cute sign stating how many weeks along I was. ¬†Maybe even stating what type of fruit my little baby was that week. ¬†But to be completely honest, it just didn’t happen, because I was just too damn tired. ¬†Plus we got stuck in this Breaking Bad schedule¬†and we ended up¬†watching¬†the entire 5 seasons in 2 months!

So here is a little flashback to my first trimester of when I thought I actually had a large “bump” that I had to hide. ¬†I look back at these and giggle at myself for thinking that. ¬† Here are my 1st Trimester progressive photos that I was able to capture with my iPhone and then the 14 week photo Russell took for our announcement.

What about you?  Were you able to take those perfect looking progressive photos that you dreamed of?


The Announcement!

Now lets flash back about 15 weeks ago, around mid March….I would now be 14 weeks along in the pregnancy. ¬†Russell and I were headed out to The Farm (where I grew up and my parents still live there), to celebrate my Dad’s upcoming birthday. ¬†But first, our plan was to have a little mini photo-shoot. ¬†My husband has an amazing eye for photos, he is not a professional, but with continued practice I feel that he could be.

So before heading into the house, we walked up the long driveway a bit and Russell took a few photos of me with our little 14 week old bump (which I thought was huge then).  Looking down at my belly now as the bump sits there at 29 weeks strong, I wonder what I was thinking.  But with this baby being our first, everything throughout these weeks are amazing to me.

Here is the final photo that we selected as our official “social media” announcement. ¬†Told ya he’s an amazing photographer!

14 Weeks along

14 Weeks along

The morning we found out

I want to start this post off saying that this is me, flashing back, 7 months.¬† Yes, it’s been over 7 months since I last wrote and that upsets me terribly.¬† I think about it everyday, but it’s just been a struggle to keep up with how busy life has really become.

Just about 25 weeks ago, Christmas morning, my husband Russell and I woke up in a hotel room, about 5 minutes away from where our parents live.¬† We were in a hotel because at the time, the Family that we were house-sitting for, were home for the holidays, so we were somewhat “homeless.”¬† Our wonderful friends and their 1 Year old had taken us into their home for 3 weeks, but we wanted to be able to give them their space and get ours, on Christmas morning.¬† And neither of us wanted to stay at each other parents house- so no need for an argument there.

So that morning, in that hotel room, I took out one of the pregnancy tests I had packed.¬† Yup, we were trying and had been for just a couple of months at that point.¬† I said, “should I take it?”¬† Knowing it was probably a tad to early to take the test (being only about 9 days past ovulation), I thought how cool would this be as a Christmas morning surprise, for just us to know about?¬† It would be our little secret.¬† Took the test and it told us a quick NO.¬† I was disappointed but kept telling myself it’s early to test, we’ll try again in a few days.¬† So we had ourselves a very Merry Christmas, just the 2 of us.


3 days later…it was a Saturday morning and we were back out our friends home.¬† They had left the day prior to head to down to Florida for a week so we had the place to ourselves. ¬† It was a beautiful Saturday morning (for December).¬† I said to Russell again, “well, should I?”¬† That was a question we had become familiar with over the past few months.¬†¬† And he said, “sure, why not,” as usual.¬† At this point I was 12 days past ovulation.¬† There should be a pretty high chance that the test results would accurate by this point.¬† I mean, I felt pretty educated about all of that ovulation stuff and testing times, from all of the endless reading I had been doing over the past year!

So I took that test and waited a few minutes.¬† I was about to toss the test until I realized, or I thought, there was something appearing as a second line.¬† So I held it up to the light and there it was.¬† That second line was forming.¬† I stepped out into the hall and called for Russell. I said, “look, there’s a line.¬† I think that’s a line.¬† That’s a line, right?”¬† He took it, stared at it for what felt like 5 minutes, but it was probably only 10 seconds.¬† He held it up to the light and looked at me and agreed that yes that was indeed a second line.


We were pregnant!!!

Wow- it’s almost like, what now?¬† What do we do?¬† We just hugged each other and gave each other a big kiss.¬† It’s a moment that you will never forget.¬† That moment when a tiny stick tells you that you are growing a human being inside of you.¬† How is that even possible?¬† How am and I going to do this? We are going to have a little “us.”¬† How cool is that??¬† Russ and I were on top of the moon (and we still are) and that’s when we decided, well, time to look for our first home to buy.¬† Another exciting chapter of these past 7 months!