My 1st Mother’s Day!

Being a mother is the most magical thing in the world.  Life get’s so crazy with a baby in your life but I couldn’t imagine it any other way!!  I was so excited to celebrate my 1st Mother’s Day this year, which also happened to be Ella’s 8 Month B-day.




{At a picnic with the babe}

photo 1

{Showing off her art she created for me!!!  I was SO surprised!!}
photo 2

photo 3


{How are you 8 months old already?!}photo 4

photo{Last Year vs. This Year}


Labor Day (not the Holiday)

September 10th, 2014.  That was the due date that my first baby was due.  My sweet baby girl.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here (about 5 months to be exact).  Life, I can tell you, has been super crazy…because after she arrived, there hasn’t even been much time for this mom to take a frequent shower, let alone, brush her teeth everyday.

The few weeks prior to my due date, I made sure to get in the last of my relaxing pool days, sitting in the sun, reading my book in peace without a little one running circles around me…because I knew what that next summer was going to be like and what it was going to bring.  It would never be those days of sitting and having no responsibility, except for myself.

The Saturday prior to baby girls due date, we had invited some family over to our community pool.  Below is me with my husbands cousin Ashley and her son Cian.   She shared some exciting news with us that she was 8 weeks pregnant, with her next baby due in April 2015.

Ashley & I at the pool with her son Cian

Ashley & I at the pool with her son Cian

That Sunday, we had friends over to watch the Eagles Football game.  My friend Lindsey also paid a visit.  I was begging her for first time mommy advice.  She had just had her first baby in May and became an amazing sounding board for the millions of questions running through my head.   And she still is to this day!  We all ordered Primo Hoagies and I have to say I devoured mine.  I hadn’t had a hoagie the entire pregnancy, but I figured by the Sunday prior to my due date, she was fully baked in there and that eating a hoagie at this point wouldn’t matter….I also had a small glass of red wine….don’t judge-I needed it.

Monday-I started to work from home.  2 days away from hitting my 40 week mark.  That  night night, Russell and I had something spicy for dinner.  I can’t recall what, probably Mexican Food, because I’m obsessed with it.

Tuesday morning I posted a pic on Instagram updating my “fan” base.   “Baby watch update: no baby yet.  She’s comfy in there. #40weeks tomorrow!”

Day before I hit my 40 Week mark

Day before I hit my 40 Week mark

That night, I went out to dinner with my friend Annie, for even more, spicy Mexican food.   Annie is another first time mommy (with a 20 month old girl), that was someone I always went to for advice.  Later that evening, my hubby and I relaxed in the living room for an hour or so.  I was sitting on the exercise ball, like usual, because its the only way I can be comfortable at this point in the evenings before bed.  I do a couple of yoga squats to help ease the pain of her kicking the hell out me 🙂  Then it’s time for bed, ha!  My bedtime routine was going to bed between 9-10pm and watching reruns of The Office on my iPad.  I said goodnight to my hubby and off I went.

Russell came to bed around 11pm that night.  At midnight, I woke up to pee, got back into bed and something just didn’t feel right.  I got back up, went to the bathroom and before I made it to the toilet, a gush of liquid came out….my water had broke!  My water broke at 12:05am on her due date.  How unbelievable is that?!  I came out of the bathroom and said, “baaabe, I think my water broke.”  Poor guy had only been asleep for an hour!

We gave the doctor a call and she advised us to  head into the hospital.  I calmly helped Russ gather our stuff (he was a little scattered, it was cute), feed the cat, and get out the door.  We were checked into our room by 1am.  Even for the middle of the night, this is the last time we have looked so rested!

photo 3


I ended up not really being dilated when we got there.  All that had happened was my water breaking.  They told us to get some rest and they would be back in around 7am to check in on me.   Turns out by 7am, I was dilated just enough to be induced.   9am, it started.  The contractions started out small and I had them for about 2hrs before getting my epidural.  I wanted to experience these contractions, since I was one of those few women who’s water breaks and they have no contractions.  I am actually really thankful that I didn’t have to sit at home with contractions, waiting for them to be timed out just perfectly to be allowed to even head into the hospital.  Once I had the epidural though, I think that was the last best sleep of my life before she arrived.  Family came in and out checking on us.  The support we had was so wonderful that day and it has continued each day after.

By 3pm, the Dr. said we could start pushing at 3:30pm.  So we did…….and Daddy was ready to catch her!

photo 4


After an hour of pushing….and an hour of Russ, the nurse and Dr. basically telling me, she’s almost there, keep pushing, she’s almost there…..little girl with her big head finally came out.  She was here!  My sweet baby girl, Ella Duffy, arrived ON her due date, September 10th at 4:30pm.  She was 8lbs 5oz and 20″ long.  She was a good pound heavier than I expected.  But she was PERFECT in every single way.

1st Family Photo

First family photo


This little girl has created so much happiness for us….it’s indescribable how happy!  Seriously, you really have to experience it for yourself.  That moment when that little mini human comes out of you and you’ve been wondering who they will look like…you don’t care…you just know that you made that baby and no matter what, they are perfect.  You have this perfect little baby that they hand to you…and when she looks you straight in the eye, it’s instant love and magic.

Welcome to the world, Ella Duffy!


2nd Trimester Progressive Photos

My 2nd Trimester ended a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. They really say that you feel the greatest in the 2nd Trimester and I find that statement completely true.
Those weeks were perfectly timed with what we had going on in our lives. We bought a house and settled on April 16th.  Just 5 days before we were about to find out whether we were going to have a baby boy or baby girl. Soon after that we were busy packing up our lives and moving boxes and furniture. We finally permanently moved into our new home in mid June. We took our time moving in because we were still house sitting and pet sitting until the family came home for the summer.

We were watching this guy, Hemi (Hemingway)!

To finally get myself, and all of you, caught up with my pregnancy, I wanted to share with you my 2nd Trimester Progressive Photos.

A couple of my favorites are from Week 24 (below), when we were down in the Outer Banks for vacation and it happened to be my 30th birthday.

photo 1-3

This last one is from Week 28- I love to brag that my hubby is a great photographer 🙂

DSC_0865 Stayed tuned to find out the reveal of the gender!



1st Trimester Progressive Photos

I started my “Bun in the Oven” Pinterest Board probably at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant (and it was on private setting).  I was that girl that when she found out that she was pregnant, was determined to do those weekly progressive photos.  Like all of those ones I had so admired on Pinterest.   Wearing the same outfit, using the same background, making a cute sign stating how many weeks along I was.  Maybe even stating what type of fruit my little baby was that week.  But to be completely honest, it just didn’t happen, because I was just too damn tired.  Plus we got stuck in this Breaking Bad schedule and we ended up watching the entire 5 seasons in 2 months!

So here is a little flashback to my first trimester of when I thought I actually had a large “bump” that I had to hide.  I look back at these and giggle at myself for thinking that.   Here are my 1st Trimester progressive photos that I was able to capture with my iPhone and then the 14 week photo Russell took for our announcement.

What about you?  Were you able to take those perfect looking progressive photos that you dreamed of?


The morning we found out

I want to start this post off saying that this is me, flashing back, 7 months.  Yes, it’s been over 7 months since I last wrote and that upsets me terribly.  I think about it everyday, but it’s just been a struggle to keep up with how busy life has really become.

Just about 25 weeks ago, Christmas morning, my husband Russell and I woke up in a hotel room, about 5 minutes away from where our parents live.  We were in a hotel because at the time, the Family that we were house-sitting for, were home for the holidays, so we were somewhat “homeless.”  Our wonderful friends and their 1 Year old had taken us into their home for 3 weeks, but we wanted to be able to give them their space and get ours, on Christmas morning.  And neither of us wanted to stay at each other parents house- so no need for an argument there.

So that morning, in that hotel room, I took out one of the pregnancy tests I had packed.  Yup, we were trying and had been for just a couple of months at that point.  I said, “should I take it?”  Knowing it was probably a tad to early to take the test (being only about 9 days past ovulation), I thought how cool would this be as a Christmas morning surprise, for just us to know about?  It would be our little secret.  Took the test and it told us a quick NO.  I was disappointed but kept telling myself it’s early to test, we’ll try again in a few days.  So we had ourselves a very Merry Christmas, just the 2 of us.


3 days later…it was a Saturday morning and we were back out our friends home.  They had left the day prior to head to down to Florida for a week so we had the place to ourselves.   It was a beautiful Saturday morning (for December).  I said to Russell again, “well, should I?”  That was a question we had become familiar with over the past few months.   And he said, “sure, why not,” as usual.  At this point I was 12 days past ovulation.  There should be a pretty high chance that the test results would accurate by this point.  I mean, I felt pretty educated about all of that ovulation stuff and testing times, from all of the endless reading I had been doing over the past year!

So I took that test and waited a few minutes.  I was about to toss the test until I realized, or I thought, there was something appearing as a second line.  So I held it up to the light and there it was.  That second line was forming.  I stepped out into the hall and called for Russell. I said, “look, there’s a line.  I think that’s a line.  That’s a line, right?”  He took it, stared at it for what felt like 5 minutes, but it was probably only 10 seconds.  He held it up to the light and looked at me and agreed that yes that was indeed a second line.


We were pregnant!!!

Wow- it’s almost like, what now?  What do we do?  We just hugged each other and gave each other a big kiss.  It’s a moment that you will never forget.  That moment when a tiny stick tells you that you are growing a human being inside of you.  How is that even possible?  How am and I going to do this? We are going to have a little “us.”  How cool is that??  Russ and I were on top of the moon (and we still are) and that’s when we decided, well, time to look for our first home to buy.  Another exciting chapter of these past 7 months!