coming soon….

I have been working on a fun little project with some cool cats 🙂  Here is a little sneak peek of what’s to come!

Photo Credit to my wonderful friend, Priscilla Millard Photography -follow her on Facebook!

family photo in nursery 2.22.15


Striped Nursery-DIY

While our husbands were bowling last night (like every Tuesday night-because yes, they are in a league!) Annie and I painted the stripes on her soon to be daughter’s nursery wall.  The longest part of it all was tape it off and keeping the lines straight and re-measuring the space in between.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  We both agreed that if it had been our husbands helping us, it would have been as much fun because I think they would have dropped the level and left the room :).  We just enjoy doing this nesting stuff!

So here are the before and after shots.  The Ivory striped turned out a little more yellow in the picture, but looks adorable in person and can’t wait to post a picture of the finished nursery!  She gets the furniture next Tuesday.  5 1/2 Weeks Annie 🙂

OK, and the fun thing about this blog is that I said Husband!  It’s still so fresh and new to me and I continue to love it more and more everytime I say it ❤