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I have been working on a fun little project with some cool cats ūüôā ¬†Here is a little sneak peek of what’s to come!

Photo Credit to my wonderful friend, Priscilla Millard Photography -follow her on Facebook!

family photo in nursery 2.22.15


First night away from the Baby!

She’s five months old this Tuesday. That’s old enough to leave for my first night away, right? Is it harder on them or us? Seems to be us. I literally wrote a 12 page PowerPoint Ella guide/manual for my parents who watched¬†her. I know my parents know what they are doing and I trust them completely with her… But I just don’t want her to be unhappy for one silly second. But she’s a baby…she needs to adjust…and I need to adjust. ¬†We all grew in this experience.

My husband and I headed to NYC city for the day and our first overnight away from her this past weekend. We met up with all of his cousins and aunt and uncle.  His uncle treated us to a day in the city as our Christmas Gifts.

Leaving your baby is not something you can prepare for, mentally or emotionally. Leading up to the weekend, friends at work asked what I was up to this weekend and I would respond with my eyes slightly tearing up, with, “headed to the city for our first night away from the baby.”

We ended up walking around Central Park, getting lunch at a small cafe, saw the Blue Man Group and ate dinner at Cuba! ¬†I had a Cuban Colada…basically dessert with liquor ūüôā ¬† ¬†Ended the night at a bar with a champagne toast! ¬†It was much needed, because apparently we had walked 7 miles!


 {Ashley, Me and Lauren}



{central park skating rink}


{i’m obsessed with my pink hat}


{hubby stealing kisses}


{poncho seats at the blue man group}


{met a blue man!}


{dinner at Cuba}


{champagne toast}

I was looking¬†forward to sleeping though the night for the first time in 5 months-but that didn’t happen- we got back to his uncles house in CT at about 1:00am¬†and my head hit the pillow by 1:30am….only slept till 7am…

I definitely missed holding her at night, rocking and¬†feeding her and then walking into her nursery that next morning and saying “good morning peanut!” ¬†I am grateful for every day I have with my baby and husband and as exhausted as I feel every morning,¬†her smile in the morning is one of the best things on the planet! ¬†I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

We came home to a wonderful report card about Ella. ¬†My Dad was not excited going into this and thought it was going to be a nightmare watching her. ¬†He took those words back. ¬†He admitted that everything went so well and that she was so delightful. ¬†Meaning, Russ and I can get away again! ¬†AND, my Dad went shopping by himself and bought Ella PJ’s, because she is growing like a weed! ¬†I died, it was cute.


{ella and her new pajamas!}

How did you do on your first night away from your baby?

Christmas Tree Farm Photo-shoot

The Saturday before Christmas 2014, we had our first family photo-shoot with our newest addition, Ella. ¬†We had a dear friend of mine, Priscilla, who is a new and upcoming photographer, take them for us. ¬†It took place at this adorable Christmas tree farm in West Chester. ¬†It was a very chilly day and little Ella’s cheeks turned red and her eyes started to water, ¬†but she was such a trooper that day! ¬†She loves to pose for the camera…silly girl.

Here are a few of my favorites from our beautiful collection.

Photo Credit: Priscilla Millard Photography









2nd Trimester Progressive Photos

My 2nd Trimester ended a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. They really say that you feel the greatest in the 2nd Trimester and I find that statement completely true.
Those weeks were perfectly timed with what we had going on in our lives. We bought a house and settled on April 16th.  Just 5 days before we were about to find out whether we were going to have a baby boy or baby girl. Soon after that we were busy packing up our lives and moving boxes and furniture. We finally permanently moved into our new home in mid June. We took our time moving in because we were still house sitting and pet sitting until the family came home for the summer.

We were watching this guy, Hemi (Hemingway)!

To finally get myself, and all of you, caught up with my pregnancy, I wanted to share with you my 2nd Trimester Progressive Photos.

A couple of my favorites are from Week 24 (below), when we were down in the Outer Banks for vacation and it happened to be my 30th birthday.

photo 1-3

This last one is from Week 28- I love to brag that my hubby is a great photographer ūüôā

DSC_0865 Stayed tuned to find out the reveal of the gender!



1st Trimester Progressive Photos

I started my “Bun in the Oven” Pinterest Board probably at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant (and it was on private setting). ¬†I was that girl that when she found out that she was pregnant, was determined to do those weekly progressive photos. ¬†Like all of those ones I had so admired on Pinterest. ¬† Wearing the same outfit, using the same background, making a cute sign stating how many weeks along I was. ¬†Maybe even stating what type of fruit my little baby was that week. ¬†But to be completely honest, it just didn’t happen, because I was just too damn tired. ¬†Plus we got stuck in this Breaking Bad schedule¬†and we ended up¬†watching¬†the entire 5 seasons in 2 months!

So here is a little flashback to my first trimester of when I thought I actually had a large “bump” that I had to hide. ¬†I look back at these and giggle at myself for thinking that. ¬† Here are my 1st Trimester progressive photos that I was able to capture with my iPhone and then the 14 week photo Russell took for our announcement.

What about you?  Were you able to take those perfect looking progressive photos that you dreamed of?


The Announcement!

Now lets flash back about 15 weeks ago, around mid March….I would now be 14 weeks along in the pregnancy. ¬†Russell and I were headed out to The Farm (where I grew up and my parents still live there), to celebrate my Dad’s upcoming birthday. ¬†But first, our plan was to have a little mini photo-shoot. ¬†My husband has an amazing eye for photos, he is not a professional, but with continued practice I feel that he could be.

So before heading into the house, we walked up the long driveway a bit and Russell took a few photos of me with our little 14 week old bump (which I thought was huge then).  Looking down at my belly now as the bump sits there at 29 weeks strong, I wonder what I was thinking.  But with this baby being our first, everything throughout these weeks are amazing to me.

Here is the final photo that we selected as our official “social media” announcement. ¬†Told ya he’s an amazing photographer!

14 Weeks along

14 Weeks along

Spring Life Makeover

How much stuff can we all actually have or need?  As the weather gets warmer, I start to think that all I actually need is a pair of flip flops, a sundress and my aviators.  Stick me under the sunlight and I am a happy lady. 

But in all seriousness, what is it that actually makes us happy?¬† Things? People? Money?¬† For me, it’s my people.¬† We need to create moments and not collect things.¬† My husband Russell and I have been talking about this a lot lately.¬† He actually sent me an email with a list of things he wants to do less, things he wants to do more and things we can keep the same.¬† I think we were having the same thoughts at the same time, because when he sent that email, I was driving to the dentist having the same exact thoughts!

He calls it the “Spring Life Makeover”

More of:
Exercise, Talking, Reading, Walks, Intimacy, Sitting Outside, Exploring, Photography, Music, Healthy Eating, Saving $, Throwing away/selling/Donating

Less of: TV, Bad Food, Spending necessary $, Buying, Stressing, Phone time

The Same: Drinking, Bowling, Sleeping, Family time, Friend time

I completely agree to all of these-all in all it will just make us better people.¬† Here’s to the Spring Life Makeover!¬† Thank you hubby for always being so inspiring to me.