Spring Life Makeover

How much stuff can we all actually have or need?  As the weather gets warmer, I start to think that all I actually need is a pair of flip flops, a sundress and my aviators.  Stick me under the sunlight and I am a happy lady. 

But in all seriousness, what is it that actually makes us happy?  Things? People? Money?  For me, it’s my people.  We need to create moments and not collect things.  My husband Russell and I have been talking about this a lot lately.  He actually sent me an email with a list of things he wants to do less, things he wants to do more and things we can keep the same.  I think we were having the same thoughts at the same time, because when he sent that email, I was driving to the dentist having the same exact thoughts!

He calls it the “Spring Life Makeover”

More of:
Exercise, Talking, Reading, Walks, Intimacy, Sitting Outside, Exploring, Photography, Music, Healthy Eating, Saving $, Throwing away/selling/Donating

Less of: TV, Bad Food, Spending necessary $, Buying, Stressing, Phone time

The Same: Drinking, Bowling, Sleeping, Family time, Friend time

I completely agree to all of these-all in all it will just make us better people.  Here’s to the Spring Life Makeover!  Thank you hubby for always being so inspiring to me.


My Five

As we head into the New Year-2013-I look back on a few things that I love.  This is the first year for me to celebrate all of these holidays now as a married woman.  It makes it 100x more special than before.  I hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and this is an extra special year for all.  

{Snowy day walks in West Chester}

{Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista in San Francisco on our Honeymoon}

{Great Pumpkin Carve- Chadds Ford Historical Society– Mario}

{Our Mason jar flute for our wedding from Trove General Store}

{Our family tradition of the Black Friday Bon Fire}

Cheers to the New Year!