First night away from the Baby!

She’s five months old this Tuesday. That’s old enough to leave for my first night away, right? Is it harder on them or us? Seems to be us. I literally wrote a 12 page PowerPoint Ella guide/manual for my parents who watched her. I know my parents know what they are doing and I trust them completely with her… But I just don’t want her to be unhappy for one silly second. But she’s a baby…she needs to adjust…and I need to adjust.  We all grew in this experience.

My husband and I headed to NYC city for the day and our first overnight away from her this past weekend. We met up with all of his cousins and aunt and uncle.  His uncle treated us to a day in the city as our Christmas Gifts.

Leaving your baby is not something you can prepare for, mentally or emotionally. Leading up to the weekend, friends at work asked what I was up to this weekend and I would respond with my eyes slightly tearing up, with, “headed to the city for our first night away from the baby.”

We ended up walking around Central Park, getting lunch at a small cafe, saw the Blue Man Group and ate dinner at Cuba!  I had a Cuban Colada…basically dessert with liquor 🙂    Ended the night at a bar with a champagne toast!  It was much needed, because apparently we had walked 7 miles!


 {Ashley, Me and Lauren}



{central park skating rink}


{i’m obsessed with my pink hat}


{hubby stealing kisses}


{poncho seats at the blue man group}


{met a blue man!}


{dinner at Cuba}


{champagne toast}

I was looking forward to sleeping though the night for the first time in 5 months-but that didn’t happen- we got back to his uncles house in CT at about 1:00am and my head hit the pillow by 1:30am….only slept till 7am…

I definitely missed holding her at night, rocking and feeding her and then walking into her nursery that next morning and saying “good morning peanut!”  I am grateful for every day I have with my baby and husband and as exhausted as I feel every morning, her smile in the morning is one of the best things on the planet!  I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

We came home to a wonderful report card about Ella.  My Dad was not excited going into this and thought it was going to be a nightmare watching her.  He took those words back.  He admitted that everything went so well and that she was so delightful.  Meaning, Russ and I can get away again!  AND, my Dad went shopping by himself and bought Ella PJ’s, because she is growing like a weed!  I died, it was cute.


{ella and her new pajamas!}

How did you do on your first night away from your baby?


Wear what you want-true words


You shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about what you wear. But, just make sure that when you clothe and layer yourself you do so in a manner that reflects who you are. Not who people think you are, or who people assume you to be. Not in the things that are fads or trends. Wear what you want to wear because you feel good in it. Because it’s not about them, it never was, and never will be. It’s about you and what you love, and what suits you. It’s what makes you feel like what you wear suits who’s inside. 

As long as you wear what other’s expect you to, you are just wearing it for the everyday, why not wear it for you. Style isn’t fashion. Style is you, wearing what you want and everyone else be damned. 

New Years Eve was a success.  Quiet evening out to dinner with our friends to a local steakhouse and then back to our house to finish the evening in our glam jams sipping flirt inis, red wine and champagne.  Russell whipped up some yummy guacamole to munch on too.  I have a serious mexican food obsession.  

Our outfits:

I wore a black H&M Tunic Sweater with my black J.Crew scuba pants and my new Old Navy Leopard Stacked heel booties.  I love the way Russell puts together his outfits.  He always looks so classy and makes it so easy.  He wore a J.Crew button up with a navy blue blazer and Kenneth Cole watch and dark jeans.

New Year Resolutions:

Less TV, read more….Save money….and Get Fit!

Cheers to the new year!

Saturday Fashion Photo Shoot

Being back in West Chester I have a few more creative backdrops for photos….Here is a guide to a quick Chic Outfit to put together for the winter season….Casual enough for a date out to coffee, Chic enough to wear out on the town for some cocktails….

1. H&M Black Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater $34.95

2. Old Navy Active Wear Black Leggings $16 (got them on clearance).  I prefer these over regular leggings because they are thicker, warmer and not see through)

3. Black Leather Jacket $29.99 from Marshalls

4.  Aldo Suede Boots $140 (christmas gift from my now mother-in-law, last year)

5. H&M Scarf $5

Bangs, Hair and Hair Color..thank you to the best hair stylist, Jody at Avante Salon 🙂  

Cheers to winter fashion!